Friday, August 8, 2014

Only 3 days left

Guess what? I just completed all songs for the game!  Finally I can completely remove all the Michael Jackson songs in my game! (It's a technique called placeholder, of course my song can't match Michael's quality but whatever.)

Also spiffy promotional video (PV) has been done. Man! Can't believe that my interest to learn animating things began from my meeting with DJMAX series. Especially Clazziquai Edition onwards, the MVs are extremely beautiful and fits the song well. Since that day I became interested in how to make those kind of animation and later learned that it can be done with Adobe After Effects.

I get in the "Album Mode" of the game quite often just to watch those music videos. After DJMAX Technika (1~3) came out I enjoyed watching the animation on the top screen while waiting for current player to finish his game. Eventually I decided to learn and google away how to do things... I have done some After Effects animations in the past but mostly basic stuff and not really serious or usable.

Finally today, my first usable animation has been done. See, being a music gamer is not bad after all!

The picture is my storyboard. After I draft it I asked my artist friend to draw the characters and my programmer friend (he wanted to try drawing too) to draw furnitures and capture in-game footages.

This time my friends did really well on finishing my assignment promptly and on-time, which surprise me. I can't remember when was the last time my artist finish her task on-time. This is a very good thing. Could be wonderful if everyday was like this.

When all ingredients' mine I let loose and spent full 3 days animating it.

It was a tiresome 3 days with little sleep, but very satisfying nonetheless. I also got to sync my own music to the animation too. I hope on the release date people will enjoy the animation as much as I do!

Ah, did I mentioned that the name has been changed from Factora to Duel Otters? Factora is a legacy name when the game is about factory. After The Great Reboot period on the beginning of this year, not long after this blog post, not a single factory remains in the game... reading that blog post again I can't believe time flies so fast since that day. It's been over half a year already!

Maybe since I quitted my work the time has slowed down a bit recently.

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