Sunday, January 26, 2014

The difficulty of maintaining a team

This is a long one.

When I was working on my own project, I would be like all fired up and keep working on it all night. It happened so many times before and they are all useless projects like charting Stepmania simfiles for submitting to a pack in FFR webboard, learning how to compose music with my DAW, painting a anime-ish picture of my friend because she wanted a new profile picture for her Twitter.. they all have no financial value, but I'd been fun. Really fun.

I think it had been this way since high school, when I learned that I could make my own world in RPG Maker XP. Countless hours poured into learning the RMXP itself, learning Photoshop, learning about (how to copy) ruby scripts...

But now it's a different world. This project "Factora" would be for profit. I wanted to try selling things. This game was not designed to drain money through addiction like mobile games nowadays. Exactly 1 non-consumable in-app purchase has been planned for this game and yet it is so different from what it had been.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Harsh truth

It's 3:50 AM now and I'm wide awake. Gotta go to work in the morning so what am I doing at this time?

I've always been an artist for this project. Painting BG, stage, UI and effects stuff. I recently switched to coding side so I can program the animation for my UI as I desired. So for the first time, I got to build my project directly onto my iPod. Until now I've only seen our own game only on my teammate's iDevice.

Friday, January 3, 2014

A change

I changed my team's logo just a moment ago. Sometimes you have to live with something long enough to realize that we are not compatible to each other after all. (Just like a relationship)

After 2 weeks or so of using this logo :

I just can't ignore the feeling of "Hmmmm...." in my head. So here goes :

I think this new logo really reflects me and my team. It helped a lot in building self-confidence and I'm now more proud to make games to be under this playful logo. The "Experiments" thing encourage me to dare for something most people avoid (cost-wise and time-wise) and most importantly, the star is soo cute don't you agree with me? :3

Ps. The star is rotated from its popular position by 45 degrees.