Tuesday, March 10, 2015

I'm getting a laptop computer.. the Macbook Pro!

The title may sounds weird to most people, but as a person who always wanted to make games and playing with things by means of programming like me, I always wanted a tools to express myself.

In university days I got my Dell Studio 13" laptop in my late first year. I named him Mangosteen because I choose purple cover color. He's very good. I love him and we always doing cool things together.

Sadly the battery died down after 3 years or so. The capacity has been reduced to a mere 3 minutes. I think even Ultra Man last longer than that. But I still using him, connected to power socket.

Then the plug and power brick became worn out. Initially I tried to solder it back. This approach lasts for about 3 months before I have to do it again but eventually, after 2 more years, the gap was so wide it is not possible to solder anymore unless I make a bridge of lead to connect it. Also from accumulated mistake other wires that I not intend to touch (there are 3 wires in the power cord) are melted, exposing the silvery inside. And once that come into contact with the soldering iron, it sparks! I tried to tape it, heavily hot glue it to separate them.

Eventually he's at limit when I was one year after graduation. To replace both now 1 minute battery and power supply would be very costly. And my time to go to Japan looming closer, I say goodbye to him. Bringing only the Mac Mini that I used to compile and complete Duel Otters in my free time after graduation, to Japan. (Nicknamed "Jasmine")

Fast forward to now, is the semester break. I come back to Thailand to meet my friends. (though lab people in Japan always keep bugging me to work whether I was in my house, on a bus, speedboat, with family, with friends etc.) I have been waiting for Apple to refresh their laptop line up for so long, finally I decided to get the Macbook Pro. My god, how long has it been since I used a computer without being tied to power source? 6 years?

Most people assume that I have a laptop but actually I don't. They often surprised that I'm a programmer but don't have my own laptop. Yes I pack my Mac Mini, keyboard, and mouse in my backpack and travel with them. It's pain in the ass but I don't have the luxury to buy a laptop. Until now..

That's why it is so exciting for me! But sounds stupid to most people! Just thinking I can make games anywhere, make music anywhere or maybe debug my program on the train already excite me that I cannot sleep soundly!