Wednesday, July 30, 2014

11 days to the end...

Recently I have come to realize one thing, I'm not gonna make it in time.

I will have to go to Japan in this mid-September. I'm quite a "creator" person since child (but just learned to code in university) thus I wanted to finish many things that can only be done at Thailand. Finishing the game and have a nice postmortem at a restaurant, is one of the top priority in my list.

But there are also other things I wanted to have it done. Many will be quite silly in other's eye like wanting to compose a vocal song and have my friend's vocal in it. (Definitely can't have my friend sing for me if I'm at Japan.)

The result is, if I continued making my game like this in the hope of finishing it early and move on to other things, I might not make it in the end and missed all other things that could be done. At this rate I have to release the game at Japan anyway.

If I'm doomed to not finishing my game, knowing that, I think setting a deadline to stop it and move on to other things in my list is a wise move. At least I can get some "Thailand only" stuff done instead of none, sacrificing my top priority task.

That deadline is 11 August, so that I have 1 full month for everything else.

I will going to do as much as I can. After 11 August I will only be in the project for small fixes and integration. If I'm lucky then maybe my friends can continue working on the game and get it release before I go. I'll take on most of stuff that only I can do first (I'm the only one sound guy in the team) then move on to help my friend's task. If I can't get all music done in 11 August, my game will be 100% doomed to release at Japan.

I really want to felt it so bad, the experience of releasing game with friends. If I missed this chance there are 2 years gap of master degree study before I can attempt it again.

This kind of motivation has bear fruit, allowing me to complete 3 songs for my game in one night! It's a remix of each other and pretty short though, but great achievement anyway.

Many has viewed me as a super lax freeloader since I quitted my work but I think that is not true at all. I ended up spending more time doing work but more enjoyable since no communication to workplace. I wanted to play my Steam games so bad but I can't... (Initializing long rant please stand by)

I haven't played Red Alert 3 I bought.. I missed Counter Strike.. I wanted to try Dota 2 since I watched local Pubstomp of The International 4... I wanted to play Left 4 Dead 2 again... I have no time to play So Many Me, the game I took part in development when I'm still at the company, that have been released... one thing that I have is... I have no life. (!)

One thing that can't be replace though, is going to arcade once every day or two. (I'm a music game maniac and very lucky to have a superb arcade at 5 minutes walk from home!) If I not able to finish my game I think its safe to blame Pump It Up Infinity or Maimai Green Plus, I guess? lol

Playing Rayark's game like Cytus or Deemo might satisfy my arcade music games urge a bit.. Rayark, my number one game development company, seemed to be doing fine as ever. I wanted to be like them, really. Making pure, ambitious games free of social junks. It's a work of art. And you can still earn money from loyal fan base when done right. A happy money from happy customer.

Speaking of Rayark, I will definitely try to make my study schedule free to attend the Rayark concert at Tokyo this December!! I hope Sta (The jack-of-all-trades composer guy I kind of looked up to) and his friends will be there so I can listen to his glitches live. And I will buy lots of Cytus and Deemo stuffs... : )

Despite countless all-nighters I can't seemed to make it huh...

Ps. I used loops in my song but I'm not lazy! It's very subtle and for filling small gaps in my drum line. The channel's volume is quite low, you see...

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