Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The story continues today

Today I am already in Thailand.

I spent 6 days organizing my luggages, my room, and clean up my computer. Getting rid of academic stuffs! haha! (To the 1TB external HDD) And also finished my tasks for BOFU2016 doujinshi event.

Reading previous blog posts it surely was painful in Japan. (in terms of game development) But in exchange I got several other good experiences especially doujinshi stuffs. That was a good trade!

As planned, I am taking this full-time from today onwards. This post is short, but below is the UR-rare picture of myself in commemoration of this (epic) re-opening!

I am very hungry so after eating something I should fire up Unity, and probably bug my other 3 friends to do something again. Time is limited because my savings from Japan will keep decreasing so I better hurry. See you!