Monday, October 21, 2019

Duel Otters is revived

First of all look at the post date of this previous post in the series :, this post is the final one. "What the fuck" I genuinely thought. How did it went from July to almost the end of October! Hahahaha!

It didn't go to waste as that was spent on learning how to make a servicable game backend (Firebase Firestore + Protobuf) and creating a new website (Svelte + Rollup) which the tech used are completely new things for me, but I let the technical things slide for now. This article instead I want to talk about how I feel yesterday.

It's done. Duel Otters 2.0 rework I started working since around 20 April. That makes 6 months for this game savaging project. The game is revived. I am not letting you die. It may have started from just a simple reason back in university. The reason for fighting now may change (a bit), but I still loved the content I made the same. Though I hope that you see how far things had came from that point. Life's really interesting.