Friday, July 27, 2018

Since when did I lose an ability to fight for myself?

Long time no see isn't it?

In fact I have so many outlet to write things nowadays that I haven't put anything in here for ages.

For silly things it would go to Twitter, for game development related which supposed to go here it instead go to my page which "supports" both Thai and English, both educational post and "story" post about hardship in game devs.

And then some sensitive personal thing would go to my personal blog where I thought no one would come to read. I feel more secure there and I feel better to let it out.

For extra sensitive thing it would go to my diary (physical).

What about this place now? I think it is for when I want to write about somewhat sensitive thing but thinking that it would be better expressed in English. Also I think this place is more "deserted" than my personal Thai blog (just guessing) and so it feels even more secure here.

Anyways let's go to the point.

What's the point of making game? Of course everyone wants to finish the damn thing and put it out finally so that someone can play.

But from the beginning, I am full of extrinsic motivation. Of course I want to make a game because I want to do it once (or more) in a lifetime this would be a reason for myself. However there's more reason which at that time I think, they are just secondary. But no I was wrong all along.