Monday, August 25, 2014

The battle that did not ends on 11 August

I scheduled myself to stop making "Duel Otters" and let my friends continue on 11 August, but the reality isn't that easy!

I realised that Apple does not allow me to use custom business name for individual account anymore, thus I embark on an epic quest to register for limited partnership (L.P) with my friends so that we became a legal person and can use "Exceed7 Experiments" as an entity for all of us.

It turned out that in Thailand, every steps toward registering a legal entity is a mess. I just got an official document a few days ago. Now waiting for Apple to confirm that I'm really registered, which takes another ~6 days. (still hasn't gotten reply till now)

Anyway, for the game, I can't really STOP doing it either! It's strange, but I think I'm addicted to making games already. I should be studying Japanese right now but instead I'm adding 1 more scene for the game. Adding a scene calls for more bugs and integration (to the rest of the game) problem and those things cost time to fix.

But I really wanted to "add my personal flavour" to the game before it ships! It kinda feel like when you have your cake newly baked from oven, you wanted to go ahead and decorate it to your heart's content. It tooks nearly 2 years to make it to this point (counting the restart of project) and I can't afford to miss this opportunity fully decorate the game to my taste...

There is also much debate in my team on this topic, too. On mobile games you can 'iterate' and add something else on further version to save time on current version, but I really wanted player to see this scene on their first impression, you know!

I pull an 3 all-nighters (so I have some time left for my Japanese study too) for this scene and I hope you will enjoyed it. Hint : The scene is called "Memorial Hall"!

The image contains our newly drawn icon, in case you missed it.

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