Friday, March 11, 2016

I am at another turning point of my life.. go back and take risk? Or stay?

I will graduate from NAIST, Japan in October 2016. (this year!)

That's so fast! Other than hopeless academic paper I am trying to pursue right now, the question is, what next?

Do I want to stay here and work a bit longer? This is tempting, as I will have more chance to learn more Japanese language.. which does not happen in this master degree course because I have been so busy.. maybe it is also easier to go to some game conference, comiket or M3. (I went to JAEPO this year to watch FEFEMZ pwns everyone live in DDR!)

I made some Japanese friend who compose music in Twitter.. I even managed to met one IRL... maybe if I stay here that kind of experience will come again?

If that is what I want from this country.. now it's time to do job hunting isn't it?