Saturday, May 24, 2014

It's all shaping up!

Incredible thing do happens. In the last few days my programmer and artist finally got to work together! Together as in side-by-side, not across Facebook or version control system. This is probably the 2nd times my team got together for real to develop the game since the complete restart of Factora project on January-February and even I can't believe the productivity we got from this. I really hope this kind of chance occur more often.

Today I even managed to arrange a schedule so that my full team will come to work at my condo room. It's a first time in forever! (Cue Frozen music taaaaa ddaa) Can't wait!

The tentative deadline of 31 May is still around and I kept telling my friends that this is for real. Today is 20th May. Impossible? Completing a game in 10 days is pretty much impossible, I know. But this time, I will keep fooling myself and my teammates that the deadline is 31st May anyway to combat those dreaded procrastination devils.

I'm very tired right now. Juggling between my day work and my part-time work (to keep my stomach full) and this Factora project is a very difficult task. But once I can quit my work in the end of this month I hope everything will be a bit better. In my work I felt restricted because I can't do what I want. Most things will break compatibility with coworker's code and polishes that I think will make the game better will backfire at me and I have to do more work, so most of the time I think keeping quiet is the best choice. It's not gonna happen in Factora though because I will polish the game with my friends to death...

Now I'm animating our little (new) factora creatures. Deja vu because last year I'm tediously animating about 4 varieties of factoras which now all down the drain in the process of complete game redesign. (If you have read previous posts you will already know.) It's a pain, really, to discard all my dear factoras but at least the new factoras is a lot more silly-looking. (which is cool)



Ps. This software is Spine by Esoteric Software. It's a godsend animating tool. After day of combating with Unity 4.3's solution of animating 2D character I found TONS of shortcomings with many weird ones, like, if you run simple animation with no blending the legacy animation system is better for performance but you can't change a sprite image mid-animation with that. Nothing happened with no errors. Really! Wasted my whole precious weekend day and I came back to my dear Spine from my Cocos2D days.(The old Factora was in Cocos2D) I'm so glad I have backed it in Kickstarter project. I will have to devote a whole post to the developers later when the game's done.

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