Thursday, April 3, 2014

My life took a big turn. Time is running out.

Been a long time since last post! As soon as I finally managed to get my team going full-power again (yay), another issue comes.

Its decided that I was qualified as a 2 years MEXT scholarship student to study at Japan (The motherland of all childhood games) in this September-October. Now that the clock is ticking to that promised day, what will happen to my team and our games?

Actually, I'm not THAT fully happy to be able to study abroad unlike most of my friends. I have many regrets, a lot to sacrifice and many things I will not have any chance to do anymore when I left my home country for whopping 2 years. (But the dream of learning Japanese in its own country wins.) I will try to get everything sorted out as much as I can before I left, and one of them that is appropriate to talk here is my long soughed goal of making commercial games.

Factora, a game that just undergo a big redesign in the last 2 months, (in other words, changed into completely different game! It was a hard decision, but I can't let the obviously boring game out of my hand.) is far from finish. (I think I said this word too many times.) And because I'm an avid music gamer I still have my dream music games to make. And that 3D action adventure game... and.. DAMN!

To be frank I wanted to make it all before I go to Japan. (Impossible? yeah!)

I thought of a bold plan of leaving the company I worked at early, like, 3-4 months earlier. I planned to use my saving for that unemployed period to make games. For money I have now in my bank account, I think I can actually make it to the September unemployed...

I'm a bit scared of unemployment though. Can I stand myself sitting all day at my own room making games? Will I regret it later? Will I got bored of making games? But without trying I wouldn't know. "Fail fast and fail often" this is what my team learned from game prototyping. Not to mention that this is the best chance to try quitting work (early) because Japan is already waiting for me.

Unfortunately my plan has been foiled a bit because I have on-going project at my workplace. If I left early I would cause trouble to my seniors so I must get the job done to the very end before quitting.

The problem is that period overlaps with the deadline of Factora project! The unemployment plan had to be pushed aside for another game. There is still more of 3AM moments to come for the Factora project.

Gotta control my weight now. Too much processed food for late night programming!

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