Tuesday, August 9, 2016

I did it.

I did it.

I FINALLY fucking did it!

No, it is not a completion of the new game. I just finished my MASTER THESIS.

Why is this matter to Exceed7? Because finally I can go back to continue developing the game once more. This thing have been keeping me busy since January. Some might think that, it is impossible that something can take you that much time. You surely have some time to make games right? In that 8 months..

No, because I also have life. I have to play games. I have to go relax. I have to eat out. Making games is not a relaxing activity. It's the thing I want to do for real. It is in the same category as studying, making thesis, making music,  practice drawing, etc.

So yeah, that means the time that I can use to make game becomes NONE. Of course I can remove sleep or other things to continue making games. And yes I already did that, but it is not enough. I already have to practice Japanese, want to participate in doujinshi music making events like BMS, and making thesis at the same time... the slots are all occupied.

Now that making thesis is gone, finally I can insert "making games" back to my schedule!

The time I spent in joining Japanese music making community is not for nothing. I gained a lot of rivals, I make better music now, and most importantly, I gained connections with music making friends. In Japan, no, everywhere, you become friends after you have something. Sadly when you have nothing then the relationship is not as deep.

The friendship from making music is simply because we all have our own music that we became friend. Even if the music is horrible, experimental, or godly, by doing something, you already have something of your own. Works is the defining character in the doujinshi world. The friend list in my Japanese Twitter, I related all of them to their work because I haven't even met them, but I can see their character from the music. What if I removed their music?  Although it is a bit cruel to say this, I think they will become just a "random person". This is sad, but true. This is how important "the work" that you should have is.

Think about your university friends. Imagine you met each other yesterday on the street. You would not become friend, even if both of you are nice. Because you shared nothing in common. In university, you spent a lot of (possibly difficult) time together. After that, we might be different in other things but we are still friends. The same is happening here in music making community, we are just connecting in Twitter but we keep in touch because once we competed together, and we keep monitoring each other's growth. This is definitely the spirit of doujinshi creators.

Back to the game's topic. What I just said is related to the new game that is coming in 2017. I really want to feature these Japanese friends in the game, and even the story of this game will be inspired from my experience with them. This, I believe is not what most game makers can achieve because the relationship I have build with them is not via business, it's personal. No investors can get the connections I have now with any amount of money. And I am sure this will make my new game unique, from the inside.

Well, for now, let's boot up Unity program! Long time no see!

Just you wait!

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