Sunday, January 12, 2014

Harsh truth

It's 3:50 AM now and I'm wide awake. Gotta go to work in the morning so what am I doing at this time?

I've always been an artist for this project. Painting BG, stage, UI and effects stuff. I recently switched to coding side so I can program the animation for my UI as I desired. So for the first time, I got to build my project directly onto my iPod. Until now I've only seen our own game only on my teammate's iDevice.

Asides from happy UI programming, who can resist playing your own game when the game is finally on the actual device? So I called my brother for a round or two.

The harsh truth hits me.. the game is no fun!

I wanted to think optimistically like, "It was fun in its own way!" but no, the pacing is too fast and there are too much for player to think about. Fast-paced play and thinking never goes together. This issue leads to me discussing with my teammate. (I think he's going to hit the bed but too bad! You can't!) I'm happy that he kinda get my point and be ready for a major overhaul that is to come in the near future.

Game design is hard when you have no similar game to reference to. But of course we are Exceed7 Experiments, after all!

(This all is the penalty of not properly prototyping your damn game.)

My teammate, suddenly gotten into talking mood and he didn't let me sleep till 4:46 AM lol

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